Environmental Caucus of Sarasota County Democrats

Help us campaign for a better tomorrow!

Help us campaign for a better tomorrow!

Help us campaign for a better tomorrow!Help us campaign for a better tomorrow!

Thanks to all who supported MAYOR Ron Feinsod

 Ron's Website    to get more information about his platform and goals.

My Priorities

I believe that the decisions that affect the local residents and businesses should be made based on the voice of the people, not special interests. Our environment, sustainable responsible growth and fiscal responsibility and transparency will be my priorities.

* This is about you, residents and businesses of Venice

* My first priority is our environment. It is our lifeblood, our most valuable resource

*Planned and controlled growth. Focus on  how growth affects  people who live here 

*Fiscally responsible  and transparent management of your tax dollars.

Your concerns are my concerns. We live together in paradise, let's protect our quality of life here.

Read more about Ron's platform on Water Quality, Native Habitats, Green Industries & Sustainable Development.  Click Here

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